Welcome to Chameleon Swap Top Flip Flops, your one stop shop for Personalised & Customisable sandals

Create a new pair of sandals every day, by swapping the laces for different colours. The soles come with handy loops for you to thread your laces through allowing you to swap them to match any outfit. With 1 pair, get 100 different looks!

Simply pick your favourite sandal base and then add laces to go with them - Imagine new shoes every day! There is no 'right' or 'wrong' way to tie them - Your Chameleons are as unique as you are! You can tie them low around your ankles, or wrap up your legs gladiator style. They will arrive already laced up and come with an instruction leaflet which is VERY easy to follow, although you can get really creative with your own designs. SHOP NOW!

  • 1 PAIR = 100 WAYS TO WEAR. Every pair is unique to its wearer, so you can always stand out from the crowd!
  • COMFORT GUARANTEED! Our soles are made from lightweight foam, so you feel like you are walking on air!
  • NO MORE HARD TOE POSTS! - Our laces are made from soft, silky, Lycra, giving you a perfect fit, and even better...No more blisters!
  • SAVE SPACE & WEIGHT IN YOUR CASE when travelling abroad. Just pack extra laces to match all your outfits instead of lots of heavy shoes.

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Lace-up your flipflops and wear with style

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