Chameleon Flip Flops are all about fun, fashion and creativity.

Now every woman can have easy to make footwear that is unique to its owner. We are a UK based company aiming to bring affordable, yet stylish and good quality footwear to lovely ladies of all ages and backgrounds. From 'Bling' to 'classic chic', you can find your own personal style all in one place.
First established in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 2015, the brand is going from strength to strength. Keep an eye on our site as new accessories and ideas are always coming this way!

Why are they called Chameleons?

They are called Chameleons because they change colour to suit your mood ... just like a Chameleon lizard. Visit our ONLINE STORE to choose your perfect pair.


Meet Terri-Louise, Chameleon's founder and CEO. Born and raised in County Durham and now living in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. She runs Chameleon and Northern Angel Memory Lockets from her home office, personally packaging up and sending your orders. You can meet her in person, every Sunday at her pop-up stall in Newcastle's Quayside market (9am – 4pm).


Terri-Louise was a fashion student at Newcastle College and was always customising her clothes or experimenting with things. 'I really wanted a pair of gladiator sandals but couldn't afford them, so instead I went and got a cheap pair of flip flops and made them myself!... They only lasted one wear, but the idea to make my own flip flops always stuck with me. After a back injury, I had to quit my job so I decided to bring it together as a business'.

After a lot of research, she came up with the idea of putting loops on the soles, to make the laces interchangeable. The final product is really high quality... 'I used to hate it when my flip flops broke and the plugs came out if I tripped over. Now I literally wear them every day in the summer, and I save so much space in my suitcase when I travel abroad, as I can just pack laces to match all my outfits, instead of packing loads of shoes!'

Terri-Louise is a true believer in how comfortable Chameleon SwapTops are - 'I think its really important that I endorse my own product and put my money where my mouth is, so to speak. They are so soft and light weight, and don't rub my feet at all. I get blisters really easily too, so I just love being able to go for long walks in them'

If you would like further information about Chameleon or would like to make an enquiry please click here to contact us.

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