Tips & Instructions

An introduction to Chameleon Swap Tops...

Here are some videos on how to tie and add accessories to your Chameleon Swap-Tops. There are unlimited ways to do this and no rules that you have to stick to. You can be as creative or as simple as you like. SHOP NOW>>>

How to tie classic ring lace on your Swap-Top Flip Flops.

How to add a buckle and tie your laces low on your Swap-Tops

How to add beads to your laces & attach to your Swap-Top soles

How to create woven laces on Chameleon Swap-Top FlipFlops

How to create a diagonal side tie lace on your Swap-Tops

Washing Tips

  • To keep the soles clean use a damp cloth & wipe clean with a light soapy spray. If they do get wet the foam sole soaks up the wetness but they dry quickly.
  • Laces can go in the washing machine. However, please remove the accessories beforehand.

If you would like further information about Chameleon Swap Tops or if you would like to make an enquiry please contact us.


*Please Note - All FlipFlops come with a leaflet showing written and visual instructions - SHOP NOW>>>

Get Fancy ...

Why not try two different coloured pairs of laces and twist them around each other to create a new look.

Chameleon FlipFlops



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